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Our Objective

With the ultimate transformation in the world of Technology, eCoin aims to bring the best for the Tech Enthusiasts. Our area of expertise is Artificial Intelligence; hence, our objective rests in inducing robotics in the world of Trading. eCoin Online aims in introducing Robotics for Automatic Trading for the popular Cryptocurrencies across the globe. Dissolving manual labour for best Trading Rates, robots will ensure Technological Advancements in every Cryptocurrency Trading platform.

eCoin Online welcomes you to the world of its first-ever Decentralised Currency, Exchange and Wallet.

Our Decentralised Currency

Our first-ever open-source decentralised currency which follows the concept of Blockchain Technology assuring enhanced digital experience. Unlimited Global Transactions with unlimited privileges – eCoin Online renders maximum benefits at minimum risk.

Unlimited Transactions

Enjoy the freedom of transaction across international borders. You can transact unlimited value across the globe in seconds. Unlimited transactions bring unlimited benefits which can complete the biggest brands across the globe.

Flexible Payment

We provide your Online Wallet. You can pay anywhere and anytime. Send and Receive money from across the globe without worrying about international borders and bank holidays. Faster than any payment network, eCoin Online assures you the best transaction experience.

Privacy & Security

Your transactions are shielded hiding the complete details of sender, receiver followed by the value of transaction. eCoin Online uses the Blockchain Technology yet, hiding your transaction details. Your privacy and security gets the maximum priority.

Why Choose us ?

Get your Ledger

Using the concept of Blockchain, your transactions get recorded in the form of a ledger. Get complete history of your transactions followed by spendable balance in chronological order. Our ledger process is easy-to-understand and perfect-to-use.

Make Instant Payment

Pay to unlimited wallets using our instant payment theory. Your private key is kept secure using our strong encryption policy. Store, Buy or Sell using your online wallet and enjoy unlimited benefits. Forget about international borders, bank fees or intermediary fees and make payments hassle-free.

POS Mining

eCoin Online gives you the privilege of POS mining. This is an open-source platform which states that you can mine (validate) block transactions depending on the amount of coins you hold. Hence, the more eCoin Online you own, your miner gets the maximum power.

Get your Online Wallet and start transaction on this global platform.

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